ut of the blue, one day I received a call from incredibly talented creative copywriter and my friend – Skaistė Kaurynaitė, with whom I had a pleasure and inspiration to work with in a past. This call has become a tiding shift point in my early freelance career, because it was the first major project under the name of Brandalf. It was truly meaningful experience for me and I proudly present its outcome to you.

The name of this brand is "Žaliuojudėl_" which translates as "Iamgreenbecauseof_". Its mission is to gather all greenthinkers together and build a community which could share ideas about making a world a better place and foster the eco and social consciousness in the governmental and public sectors. Credits for the brand design goes to Paulė and Berta Boculaitės. The project's face and leader was – Jurgis Didžiulis. He and his team of many creative professionals were working hard for few months to make this impact and I was honored to be a part of that journey. My main tasks in this project were creating visual content for social media campaigns and video post-production.

Project Tools:

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