f it's animating the dead that brought You here, then You are in a wrong place, pal. However, I can resurrect the static imagery into a moving one - a.k.a. animation. Don't hesitate and send me a Raven, if You have any particular project in mind which requires the skill of animation. Remember, I'm always here to help out and provide a guidance where possible!

Bellow, You can find the range of Animation Services I provide, to give You an idea of what this old Wizard is still capable off:


Try to imagine a short animation with seamless, infinite scaling possibilities. .SVG format is the new black in web design and if You fancy the look of this website, it's mainly because of these little, beautiful monsters. Send me a Raven, if You need one, too.
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You have a brilliant idea, which would become a viral meme if only someone could properly animate it. Or maybe, there is someone, whom You'd want to please aesthetically, by sending a handcrafted, animated picture? Look no further. Give me a hint via Raven and I'll deliver the .Gif.
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Modern world is always hungry for moving content and I can help You by feeding it! If You have Your script hidden in Your sleeve and need a professional animator to bring it alive and do it in a timely fashion, then our roads are aligned. I'm looking forward to hear more from You, via Raven!
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A classic rotoscope animation for Your unique, singular project. It's a time consuming art, but the results are always immersive and quite breathtaking. If You have Your script ready and want to bring Your project alive - send me a Raven and we'll discuss the rest.
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For those of You, who seek to increase Your Brand's awareness and become more dynamic, I have this special treat: a logo reveal animation. With this outstanding feature, Your Logo will become alive and will serve Your future branding purposes. Let's have a chat via Raven!
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Have entirely something else in mind? Share Your idea and vision with me and I'll gladly lend a wizard's staff. Contact me via Raven below and we'll discuss the possibilities.
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