o You often feel that Your brand is like too much butter spread on a thin bread? It might very well be, that it needs a holiday, a very long holiday. Probably a permanent holiday. Foundations of a Brand is often underrated and sometimes You have to go an extra mile in order to find that One concept that will rule them all. Let the wizard help You to build the most precious brand that will stand the test of time! Kindly, contact me via Raven, regarding any branding services You're after.

In the meantime, have a look at my stash! Below, You'll find particular branding businesses I provide, which could very well be what You've been looking for. Good luck!


Every brand's visual identity starts with the logo, which I'll create in a magical fashion and the maximum attention to its initial core idea of Yours. Don't worry if You don't even have a name for Your brand - I can help You to find the one. All You need to do, is to contact me via Raven with Your inquiry and I'll gladly respond to Your case. Till then!
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Suddenly You realize that Your logo no longer feels fresh and up to date, the colours You're using somehow doesn't inspire You anymore. Don't worry, the branding journey doesn't end if it get's old. Rebranding is just another path, one that we all must take when the time comes. Allow me to review Your brand and guide it towards the new age. For all rebranding inquires, please reach me via Raven.
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"One logo to bring them all and in the brand book bind them" - is what the old prophecy tells us. It's the book of the books, which covers the most essential parts of brand's communication, stylistic guidelines, colours palette, typography and many more subtle things that differ from one brand to another. Get in touch with me via Raven and let's discover the possibilities of creating this One book, which rules them all!
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It's normal to feel that Your brand needs updating from time to time. Don't ignore this feeling. Your brand may have strong and solid fundamentals, but lack in stylistic qualities. That doesn't mean You need to rebrand the whole thing, but to make improvements in just particular areas. Let me lend You my staff and help You in this road. Kindly contact me via Raven and let's talk about it more.
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It could easily be, that Your Brand is based on social media communication and You need a creative design template to keep Your communication up and running. For this and similar cases, I'm offering my services in order to create outstanding visual language for Your preferred social media channels. Just tell me what platforms You are interested in and we can begin our journey! Reach me via Raven to discuss the plan and I'll see You at the doorstep.
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Have entirely something else in mind? Share Your idea and vision with me and I'll gladly lend a wizard's staff. Contact me via Raven below and we'll discuss the possibilities.
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